In this section we will attempt to answer questions that have been asked by different persons at various times. Let's take a look.
  • A security officer who is off duty and in uniform, goes out to eat with his friends and family and a situation occurs. What should the security officer do?
First things first. If the security officer is off duty, he should not be in a uniform at that point. Next, a security officer is not required to make an arrest. His main duty is to observe and report. Of course, he has the same duty as a private citizen. The easiest thing to do is, if you are not on duty and at your post, do not wear your uniform. It can be a problem magnet.
  • A Level 3 Security Officer who is off duty, armed and in uniform walks into a business which is not his post to buy an item. He is approached by a police officer. The security officer advises that he can carry his gun anywhere since he is in uniform. Is the security officer correct?
I advised the security officer that he faced possible arrest and losing his commission. The law allows for private citizens to carry a firearm through two other laws. If that security officer is off duty, he should not be in his/her uniform and carry under the Texas Carry act or get a License to Carry.
I completed my Level 3 class and I have applied for my Level 3 Commissioned Card. Can I carry my weapon while I am on duty before my pocket card arrives?

No! Your pocket card must be in your possession, in your pocket. That's why it's called a pocket card.

RULE §35.82        Commissioned Security Officer Standards
(a) Commissioned security officers shall carry their pocket cards while on duty and when traveling to and from the place of assignment, and shall present the cards upon request by a peace officer or to a representative of the department.

(b) A commissioned security officer shall not:

  (1) Perform the duties of a commissioned security officer for any person(s) other than the licensed employer reflected in department records;

  (2) Possess or use any security officer commission pocket card that has been altered; or

  (3) Deface or allow improper use of his security officer commission pocket card.

(c) Commissioned private security officers shall comply with §35.14 of this title (relating to Security Officer Uniforms).

(d) Subsection (c) of this section does not apply to a personal protection officer while performing personal protection services in plain clothes.